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evening. today, the man who allegedly killed 12 people and injured 58 in that shooting james holmes will be walking into a courtroom for the first time post-shooting. what can we expect now as the wheels of justice begin to turn in this case? nobody knows better than avery friedman. we see him on cnn every saturday at noon and 4:00 and we steel him from cnn every once in a while for our ol' legal analysis here avery good morning. >> good morning, bill. >> so what charges do you expect to be filed, and how long is this going to take? what can we expect now? >> two different questions actually. the hearing today won't have anything to do with the charges. the prosecutors right now are literally burning the midnight oil ever since this happens, all the way up to right now never working on it. you have -- and i figured this thing out. you've got about 7 separate crimes. you then have to multiply that times the number of victims, you know, murder, attempted murder and that doesn't even include the trip wire. >> the apartment. >> trying to get the first respon
members of congress, outstanding democrats in congress. eleanor holmes norton representing the district of columbia and peter welsh from vermont will be here in studio with us as well. lots to talk about including fox news. giving a whole hour last night to a murderer. why? but first... >> this is the "full court press." >> on this thursday, other headlines making news, lots of reaction to the new batman film, the dark knight rises on the movie review web site rotten tomatoes. it is not all that great. for the first time ever, the site's editors have suspended comments from visitors because of what they were saying about critics who have not given the movie good reviews. the editor in chief says it became too much work to police the comments. they included hate and death threats for the movie critics. the film opens live this weekend. >> bill: i know. so much hullabaloo over a movie review. this is the trivia question. do you know who started the site rotten tomatoes? >> no. >> no. >> bill: friend
holmes and tom cruise's divorce may have been settled so quickly because katie planned well ahead to avoid a messy separation. "l.a. times" reports that katie got the wheels turning early using disposable cell phones she got from a friend to contact attorneys so tom wouldn't know about any of her conversations. >> what? >> yep. by the time the divorce settlement was reached katie had three firms in three separate states already representing her so he was completely blind-sided. she informed tom she wanted the divorce in a phone call and a week later, it was a done deal. >> bill: whoa. did they have a prenup or not? >> they did. >> this is creepy. this is kind of like -- if she had to put this much thought into a divorce -- >> bill: if you're up against scientology, baby, i hope she's got bodyguards, too. >> drink up, ladies, good for the bones. two new studies from drexel university and oklahoma state university find women drinking more than three glasses of alcohol a week were over 50% less likely to develop ar
. recent divorce related cover story that it said he abused and humiliated katie holmes with holly wood reporters saying it will cost his clients hundreds of millions of dollars. >> the national enquirer. >> that's right. >> awesome journalistic beacon. >> you can wake up after attending a wake a starbucks is opening up in a funeral home in south carolina. abc news reports the robinson off and on recall home, chris robinson says having starbucks will help comfort the bereaved and helping some escape stress over a cup of coffee. >> how can you get enough -- i mean, how can you get enough business, walk-in business in a funeral home? >> they are not going to that one funeral home. >> he thinks it's a business model and he wants them to have frappuccino while they are crying over the coffin. >> serve them coffee. >> is there any way we can outsource that industry? the business model, you know, ship it overseas. >> i don't know about this. >> all right. now, pity the bill yon air, your latest book, it really gets right down to reality. >> exactly. >> getting
." >> well, out of hollywood tom cruise and katie holmes have reached a divorce settlement. no details were released. "people" magazine reports katie will likely get custody of their 6-year-old daughter, suri. tom will get generous visitation rights. all are waiting for details on the role that scientology is playing in this. >> bill: we're also waiting on details on how much money she gets. they must have had a prenup to do it that fast. i hope so. >> outspoken conservatives activists and musician ted nugent is voicing his displeasure are the supreme court's healthcare ruling and a piece for "the washington times," he calls chief justice john robertas turncoat. he said things might have been better if the south had won the civil war. >> come on! >> bill: anybody who listens to ted nugent about anything, he's just an idiot. a total idiot. >> fixing our nation's washington monument -- >> bill: what he has done? who the hell -- i would rather listen to the hot dog vendor down here on pennsylvania avenue. he's got a
news no more jump okay oprah win "'s couch unless it's katie holmes. the hollywood couple calling it quits she says she had enough with tom's scientistsology beliefs. >> signology leads to a divorce. i love that. >> this could be really really interesting because she is the one that's pushing for the divorce or filed for the divorce. and because these reports are saying that it had to do with signology. i am hoping for juicy stuff. >> scientology demands weird things. >> he is the king of scientology. >> no big fanfare for guthrie who took over the chair. no mention of why she was there. and nbc didn't put out a press release announcing her position inch after the show was over. she officially starts next monday in a bid to try to make that show the morning network broadcast king over good morning america. >> i don't think one person is going to do it. >> in sports. >> rots on of ruck. >> spain besting italy in the european championship final, clob clobbering them 4 to nothing. captain ikar kasia who played in his 100th vicktories in internationa
's awesome, just so screwed up. >> katie holmes was working hard to get her daughter, siri cruz away from sigh entology. she has been enrolled in girl's catholic school in new york city. notable alumni include lady gaga and caroline kennedy among others. siri until now has been homeschool. >> how old is she? >> six. >> hom schooling. >> a nasa astronaut hitched a right on a space rocket and they blasted off from cas i cankazikstan. >> the space station's crew will be back up to 6 people. they will be up there for four months. >> they are wearing these out faiths made by ralph lauren with these giant-sized polo logo on it. >> did you hear about this? the commercialism. dan, great stuff. ralph lauren now they have acknowledged it was a big mistake, big mistake not to have the u.s. olympic outfits, it was a bigmist not to have them made in the united states. they were made in china. ralph lauren said for the next olympics, we are going to change that. we are going to change that. if you look at these outfits, they have this gigantic ralph lauren logo on them. th
yesterday. >> katie holmes is wasting no time getting away from tom cruise. "people" magazine telling us she and daughter suri secretly bought and moved into a new apartment in new york city blindsiding her soon to be ex. she was also in good spirits back at work yesterday on project runway on the set and not wearing a wedding ring and has hired her own security detail ditching the one with tom cruise was paying for. >> i can't wait for her first interview. i'm so excited. >> bill: i can't wait for the church of scientology to come crushing down on tom. >> another big upset -- >> bill: i should not have said the church of scientology. the last thing it is a church. it is a cult. >> another big upset -- >> bill: should be illegal. >> i'm leaving now. i don't want to deal with the fallout from that. >> another big upset at wimbledon. maria sharapova the number one women's player in the world was ousted by germany's player 6-4 6-3. sharapova did make it to the finals last year but lost there too. as americans
james holmes bought more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition online. on monday, the court charged him with 24 counts of first-degree murder. >>> we're starting to hear the conservative reaction to democrat support of same-sex marriage. anti-gay organization leader peter labarbera is one of the conservatives taking to twitter calling democrats the party of perversion. more of bill press after the break and as always, we're live in chat, current.com/billpress. >>it's the place where democracy is supposed to be the great equalizer, where your vote is worth just as much as donald trump's. we must save the country. it starts with you. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and, and...and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. if you have copd like i
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9